Southwest Florida USBC, Inc.
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Association Committees

Audit Committee: Chairman Mike Wilson, Wayne Carr, Mike Clark, and Walter Judd

Hall of Fame Committee: Chairman Danny Higham, Krissy Stewart, and Robert Taylor

Nominating Committee: Chairman Robert Peters, Mike WIlson and Danny Higham

Tournament Committee: Chairman Robert Peters and Entire Board of

DirectorsAnnual Meeting Commitee: Jerry Gavin and Carolyn Trump

Policy & Procedures- By Laws Committee: Chairman Walter Judd, Jerry Gavin, and Robert Peters

Youth Committee:Chairman Nyla Carr, Walter Judd, Remi Wenhardt and Matt Hodgeman

Awards Committee: Chairman Danny Higham, Mike Clark, and Robert Peters

Ways and Means Committee: Chairman Terry Wilson, Maria Frisenda

Lane Certification Committee: Chairman Mike Wilson, Mike Clark, Danny Higham, and Matt Hodgeman

Charity Committee: Chairman Nyla Carr

Publicity Committee: Krissy Stewart 

Web Committee: Chairman Wayne Carr and Dominic Orlando